1. A wallet or a purse: Imagine you are looking for your sunglasses, and coins or change falls out from your bag to the floor in a public place. It is not wise or secure to keep your money lying around in your bag, put loose change in an inner zip that is easy to reach. Always have a purse to keep your cash and your cards in. This is good for accountability and helps to keep everything in order.
  2. A make-up purse: You do not have to take your whole skincare routine with you, but you must at least have the basic essentials that can be used in case you need to touch up your face for an unplanned outing, or at the end of a long day at the office. Do not step out looking like a hobo in a nice dress because you had a long day and you no makeup purse!
  3. A compact mirror:  Already always looks her best when -and during- the time she steps out of her house. You never know who is watching and could discredit you because you have spinach or lipstick on your teeth. We know bathrooms are everywhere, but it is impractical to always go to the nearest one to be sure that your face, hair and front teeth are in order.
  4. A pack of tissues: It does not have to be a whole roll, or a big box, just a mini size pack that can help with runny nose or a ‘lady’ emergency would suffice.
  5. A pen and note pad or diary: Yes, we know it is the age of smartphones and your whole world is on your device, but there is a reason pens are still sold to serious-minded people.  What if you need to jot something down and your battery dies, or you are in a meeting or setting where using your phone would be inappropriate, or you are stuck somewhere in a long queue that requires you having to borrow or wait for a pen… the list is endless!  
  6. A sanitary pad: Imagine the ‘red robot’ came earlier than expected this month and you do not have the luxury of a pharmacy close by, or worse, it comes regular but you are leaky faucet who only has just enough time to get to the bathroom…
  7. Hand lotion: A lady’s hands are always soft and moisturized. We will talk about the feet in another post!
  8. A bottle of perfume or body spray: Even if you have the most powerful perfume or a 48hr deodorant, perfumes wear thin after a few hours, a fresh retouch will do more harm than good.
  9. Chapstick or Vaseline
  10. Breath mints

And please do not forget to clean out your handbag often. A dirty bag is a disaster waiting to happen. You do not want to get something out of your bag in a public place and have your cell phone or your diary smudged with makeup, or even worse your gum from yesterday. A lady takes good care of herself and her things.

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