Miracles are the unseen hopes and prayers that become the seen things we can hold, especially things we thought would be impossible to have, or things we prayed for and have finally happened. If you need a miracle, and you believe in Jesus, here are some helpful tips:  

  1. Do not stand alone: God said, “It is not good for man to be alone”. Loneliness drains your faith, strips your hopes and breeds decay on your expectations. Loneliness feeds depression and anxiety. This is the reason behind ‘support groups’, fellowships and churches; when people of like minds- not necessarily ‘like situations’- come together, their faith is recharged, and their strength renewed.

 There are people around you that God has planted to be pillars of strength when waves of doubt and depression threaten the promise of your Isaac. Prayerfully seek these people out, not just to receive strength, but to help those who maybe weak as well.

“If two or three shall agree on a thing, it shall be done for them by my father in heaven”. there are simple desires you can pray for, but there are strong desires that need to be ‘agreed’ upon.

Although he had been promised for a long time by the Almighty himself, Isaac did not come until ‘three men’ agreed with Abraham and Sarah. God knew that absolute agreement- and partnership was necessary for Isaac to come.

Stop being bitter, stop being distrustful of everyone around you and refuse to stand alone in your ‘wait’.  If in the past people to ‘agree’ with you disappointed you, learn from Abraham who was disappointed by Lot and Jesus who was betrayed by Judas; turn to God and trust him to heal your heart and bring people your way that you can trust.

  1. “Seal” your lips:

When Zechariah (an aged Israeli priest in the post –exile era) received a visit from an angel, he was struck dumb to preserve his miracle. The angel understood the power of words and one wrong word from a doubtful Zechariah could have prevented the miracle baby from being born.

There are times we need to be silent and channel our strength to building our faith especially when faced with questions of doubt.

I know and believe in the scripture that says, “when men are cast down, thou shall say there is a lifting up”. However, I am of the school of thought that when you are in a state of despair and tempted to speak negative, it is better to say nothing at all at that particular moment, unless you have trained your lips to confess good no matter how you feel.

For those who have not been trained to always confess God’s word even in impossible situations, place a guard at your mouth. Make sure that what comes from your mouth is what is what you want to see happen, not what is going on around you or what you are afraid will happen.

Even after you have mastered the art of positive and prophetic confession, you must understand the place of discretion.  Joseph told his dream to his brothers and almost got killed, so when he arrived in Egypt, he kept silent.

Records do not show if he was silent out of wisdom, or he was silent because he had resigned to his fate, but his silence preserved his dream and caused him to rise in every place he found himself.

When you have a desire you need, speak the word of God over it, declare it every day. And when in the presence of negative people or faced with negative situations, know when to be silent.

Sometimes silence does not mean you have given up; it may be that you are saving your words for the right moment. When Jesus was on earth, he did not announce himself to everyone who cared to listen; he was careful and selective of the places and the people around whom he made certain declarations.

Joseph was fortunate that sharing his dreams with his brothers landed him in a pit but did not kill his dream. So many people have shared their dreams with the wrong people and have not only entered a pit but had their dreams shattered.

There are no hard and fast rules for discretion; it is something we learn and master with practise. May God give us wisdom in Jesus name!

  1. Get desperate!

If you want something badly enough, you will fight till you have it. The popular phrase “how bad do you want it?”, has been used time and time again but its meaning often seems lost when we face challenges.

You must want it so badly, that you refuse to give up or settle for a substitute.

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after trying at least 100 times, he was asked how he managed not to quit. He said, “for every time it failed, I discovered a way to do it better.”

There is a phrase called “failing forward”, wherewith every disappointment, your resolve strengthens, and wisdom increases. The difference between failing and succeeding is the ability and willingness to try one more time; not because you have no other option but because you CHOOSE no other option.

It is true that desperate people often make mistakes that may cost them their blessing, but there is the place of ‘positive desperacy’. Positive desperacy is when your attitude and vision does not wane and you remain consistent in your dreams, refusing to settle for an alternative.

Sarah’s negative desperacy for a son produced Ishmael (the son of her maid), and it brought bitter regrets and lasting consequences. Positive desperacy for a child made Isaac turn to God in prayer for Rebecca. At least 20 years had passed, but he refused to settle for another ‘Ishmael’, he chose to wait on God. He was desperate for a child that only God could give him.

Get positively desperate about your dreams and expectations, do not throw away or change them at the sight of troubles and oppositions. Be desperate enough to see it through to fruition, but patient enough to see it done the right way.

I see your hopes and dreams coming to pass as you hold up the right attitude of desperacy, I see God coming through for you and helping you not to give up till you hold your miracle.

Receive his grace today, receive his strength, receive your miracle!