Hello people, it has been a while. Please forgive me for attending to ‘certain matters of life’ and neglecting you. But today, thanks to hubby dearest, I was all but ‘bullied’ into writing today.

I have a lot to tell you, but my thoughts have been all over the place, bursting with so much to tell you. To get me started I did a list of topics which, I hope to unravel with time. After the list was drawn up, the new problem was which ‘thread’ of thought to unpack first.

I stared at the list for what seemed like an endless amount of time until I drifted into a purposeful ‘sleep’. I woke up with groggy eyes, a strained back and cramped fingers from being stuck between a chair and a small laptop table.

It seemed all that brainstorming – and ‘dreaming’- had cost me my motivation because I still did not know where to start. So, I decided to go back to sleep. (Hey, try judging me when you feel sleep deprived. Besides, that is where I believe my genius ‘lies’). As I was swinging between asleep and awake, my phone rang.

‘Hello?” it was my favourite brother on the phone. Somehow by ‘grace’ he called me just when I needed it. As we laughed and chatted about old days, the inspiration for this article (which was not on the list by the way) came up.

We dabbled into a conversation about how some women who were once young and beautiful get married and become ‘transformed’. He made positive references to different women who had in some ways stayed positively the same. One of them is the renowned publisher and one of my favourite writers of all time Betty Irabor, a woman after decades of marriage, children, and achievements has a body figure many would die –literally- trying to maintain.

Having worked closely with this woman over a period, I know that this is a woman whose strength, beauty and determination had probably increased over the years after marriage. Her ability to begin her dream to establish her publishing enterprise almost at the golden age of ‘half a century’ is intriguing, inspirational and amazing.

I believe there is a ‘Betty’ in all of us; the beautiful, inspiring, ground-breaking version of ourselves. Perhaps somewhere along the way, life hits us, swinging with all its might and threatened, scared or simply trying to survive we layer our ‘Betty’ with insecurities, unfulfilled dreams, regrets and cellulite.

It may be true that you may never be a size 6 ever again, even if you sucked out every muscle in your body. But you can make a promise to be the best and most beautiful version of yourself. It is never too late to dream and achieve; no matter how far you have come, there is still room to reach for the stars and beyond.

Stop reminiscing on the old days with pain and regrets in your eyes, instead let it be a source of joy and a motivation to grow. The ‘glory days’ days still lie ahead, your ‘betty’ is lying dormant, waiting for your visions to come to life.

No matter what you may look like right now, what you may have achieved or not achieved, this much is true; you have made it this far, you have survived, you have conquered many feats that life has thrown your way. It is time to hit the gym, start eating healthy, take that course, go to the salon, get a new hairdo, get a pedicure, take that job, ask for that promotion, start or expand that business but by all means find your betty!   I dedicate this article to my brother, whose simple conversation inspired me and hopefully thousands who will read this article. If this article inspires you get up and do something, as much as it has inspired me today, feel free to like, share with friends and comment to let me know how your journey to re-discovering your ‘betty’ is going!