In the movie “Runaway Bride”, there was journalist who felt intrigued by the story of a woman who had been a bride multiple times and never made it to ‘I Do’.  He meets her days to her next wedding and follows her closely during the preparation. 

While they are having breakfast at a restaurant, her fiancé orders an omelette, and she orders the same thing. The journalist observes this and while interviewing all her ex-fiancés noticed a unique trend among them; she liked her eggs the same way they each did.

What stood out to me is that when each of them was asked, “how did she like her eggs?” they all confidently replied a different answer.

There are many times we assume we know those we love, or even ourselves and we could be confidently wrong.  This ‘runaway bride’, had not discovered for herself how she liked her eggs and always conformed to ‘loving’ eggs the way the person she was with at the time loved them, so they assumed they knew her or they were soul mates because they liked similar things until she left them waiting at the altar.

Sadly, this does not apply to romantic, family, or friendly relationships only; it often applies to varying threads of life relationships. We place people in a box, assuming we know how they like things to be done, forgetting that people change and grow. 

What is even more tragic is that we often let people carry on with the charade of assumptions about us; perhaps we want to fit in and be accepted, perhaps we do not wish to offend or upset certain relationship scales, or perhaps we have not dug deep enough to discover ourselves.

I can recall times people have done a thing or two for me, going out of their way to surprise or make me happy believing that it is something I would absolutely love and in my mind I’m thinking  ‘What?!!!!!’ that definitely is not me!

There have also been times I assumed I knew what people would like and did not even bother to ask. When I got married, I was cooking my husband’s eggs in a specific way and he seemed to like it. One day, years later he lays out certain vegetables on the counter and says, ‘’I do not like this in my eggs, I like this and that…’’ Here I was thinking I knew him well, but either he had changed, or he finally had the courage to tell me how he liked his eggs!

Many broken hearts, broken homes, and divorces could be prevented, many businesses would be thriving, many workers would keep their jobs or even be promoted, if we could discern, ask the right questions without making assumptions.

I believe honest feedback, and open communication is key to avoiding -or resolving any misunderstanding in any relationship. It is always safer to ask than assume.

I also believe that we must consistently go on the journey of self-awareness/ discovery and ask ourselves the simple yet difficult questions; Who am I? What do I love the most? What matters to me now? How do I like to be treated? What defines me?

Discover how YOU like your ‘eggs’ and be open and willing to share it with the people that count in your life. Also, when you step into a new dynamic of a relationship, even with those you think you know their soul and spirit, do not assume you know how they want to be treated, study and observe them closely, and when in doubt simply ask “how do you like your eggs?”