There was a time when it was commonly said that a gentleman’s word was his bond. There was a time when lies were a taboo. There was a time where people could leave their goods at a market square and return to find everything intact. In the times we live in, it seems that honesty is a thing of the past, or a virtue for a very select, and almost extinct few.

It is sad that we live in a time where more people lie about who they are and what they have just to gain acceptance. People create false reputations and pretend to be larger than life to gain large followings from people who could not care less if something terrible were to happen to them tomorrow.

With lies having colour codes to determine its morality (white lie for example), it seems that everybody needs to lie to get ahead, or make peace, or avoid trouble or consequences of their actions.

There was a time when “I love you” was said only between lovers who were determined to spend to spend the rest of their lives together and praises were sung only to the  deserving and not to the highest bidder.

There was a time when the word honour and integrity was valued above possessions; when who you were was more important than what you had.

It appears that ambition, and a desperate need to succeed at all costs has enslaved us. Thanks to technology, lies are easier to create and validate. It is amazing how much effort and resources people have invested in lies and fake identities.

If you want to learn how to lie and always get away with it, tell the truth! A lie is like a sink hole which only gets bigger, because it takes more lies to cover it up, causing the liar to sink deeper and deeper till there is no way out.

We all make mistakes, but we should always be honest about them. Honesty will earn you trust, build your brand, grow your business and bring you relationships that will stand through trials and falsehoods.

Be the person people can count on, be a leader who influences people to do the right thing. Be the parent who the kids learn honesty from their actions, not just their words. BE the last person on earth that is still faithful, honest and kind, the one who speaks the truth even when there is no reward.

No lasting successful business, marriage, friendship, is possible without honesty. Divorces, backstabbing friends, ruined businesses, bankrupt and broke individuals and people who die with no one shedding real tears at their funeral often have one thing in common; they lied and thought they could get away with it.

Choose today to live a life where your words can be trusted, where is truth is more important than a quick pass or any seeming gratification you will get at the time. Choose to live a life of honour integrity, contentment and morality. It will not be easy, but it is a decision with great benefits and guaranteed rewards.

Grow to become the best and truest version of yourself every time, and influence those around you to do the same. Let us begin a revolution, to become an honest generation, to become people of truth who can be trusted.