In my line of work, ‘all-nighters’ at the ‘office’ are a regular. They are usually pre-scheduled, so we come prepared with dinner, a spare change of clothes in case of emergency, and any necessary ‘gear’ we might need.

A few months ago, I got to the office only to arrive and realise I did not have anything to eat. Luckily, hubby dearest had envisaged things like this so he bought noodles, sardines, (which I never found in the cupboard, will look into that later!) and everything needed to ‘set up’ a campers culinary exhibition.

I was a little anxious because the camp gas had not been used -or set up- before that day, and I was alone with no one to ask for assistance. With the days of spinsterhood long behind me, I realised that I had forgotten how to set up ‘camp’ cook ware. It was much easier in varsity days, but the passing of time had made those skills fade.

So here I was, clueless with a bowl, raw noodles, and a growling tummy. And like a flash of lighting, I turned and noticed a microwave. All the stories of fear came flooding through my mind of how boiling water and a microwave are never to be in the same place at the same time; not that I could recall, but my imagination ran wild with images of a blown up microwave, smoke and of course, my precious noodles burnt beyond recognition.

The thought of getting any productive work done on an empty stomach, considering that it was going to be all through the night and there were no shops open around me at the time filled me with fear and dread. Like a voice or whisper from the spirit of wisdom, I felt the need to read the instructions on the noodle pack to know if it was microwave safe.

I felt stupid and questioned the need to read the noodle pack instructions. I mean, I have been cooking noodles since high school, surely, I know how to cook a pack of noodles!

I finally put my fear and my pride aside to listen to the voice of reason in my head, turned the noodles over to read the instructions, and there it was, waiting for me with open arms and insight: the words ‘Microwave’ and ‘Cook’ in the same sentence!

That was all I needed, instruction and guidance. To me, this was a great sign from heaven that God cared about my hungry belly being filled that night. With my cooking instructor guide, I prepared a delicious bowl of noodles that felt like a warm slice of heaven in that cold office. My hubby says that food is always delicious to hungry people, maybe in this case he was right, but to me that was the best microwave noodles I have ever had.

As mundane as getting instructions from a noodle pack may seem, there are times in life that what we need the most at the time are simple things within our reach that we may be too oblivious or arrogant to notice. It could be guidance, an instruction manual, a mentor, a coach, a second opinion, an advice from an experienced person or simply objective feedback that can take us to the next level; wisdom is always close by, begging and pleading with us to walk in the light of the knowledge it offers.

How many times have we become cocky, hot headed, or too ignorant to seek advice? Discovering things for yourself is part of growing up, but submission to right guidance is necessary for maturity.

Seeking help from people who know better about a subject than you do will prevent you from being taught by the highest pain inflicting teacher in the world: ‘Mr Experience’.

For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety. (Proverbs 24:6) Seek wise counsel today!