A husband is the rock, leader and the pillar of the home. In this age of evolving responsibilities, the values that make a great husband are sometimes blurred and confusing, and the enemy many a time has stepped in to take advantage to destroy homes and families.

There is need more than ever for women, wives, to rise and intercede for the men in their lives. If we pray more, and complain less, we will see great changes in the men that may have hurt or disappointed us in the past.

Whether you are single, married, divorced or seeking to remarry, if there is, was or will be a man in your life, there will always be a need to pray for him. Why? Peace within, and in the relationship, you have with the past or present husband in your life, caused by your prayers will benefit you, causing a ripple effect of peace in other areas of your life.

Whatever your connection to the man you may be praying for, please feel free to adjust the terms to suit your current needs.

Maybe you are currently going through a storm, or you want to ‘prepare’ by building your house on the ‘rock’, may God hear and answer your prayers in Jesus name!

  1. Lord, I thank you for the man you have brought into my life as a husband, a father and a leader. Help me to recognize that this man is a blessing in my life.
  2. I thank you because the heart of a king is in your hands, so his life, his thoughts and his ways are in your hands. Oh Lord, touch my husband’s heart to know you, love you and to walk in your ways.
  3. Lord preserve my husband, keep him from evil. Protect him and give him testimonies.
  4. Lord, in all seasons of life, may my husband hear your voice. May he follow your instruction and enjoy divine direction.
  5. I address every spirit of anger, bitterness, depression, discouragement and infidelity in the life of my husband. I decree that the spirit of peace, strength, encouragement, joy and integrity rests on him in Jesus name. 
  6. Whatever swallows and defeats men in this generation will not swallow my husband in Jesus name. I decree victory in every area of his life.
  7. I speak to my husband’s body; it is fruitful and functioning in every way. I decree strength, health and long life in Jesus name.
  8. I speak to my husband’s mind; it is productive in Jesus name. It produces positive ideas for greatness and prosperity.
  9. Oh God arise, help my husband and make his name great. My husband enjoys divine help and supernatural favor all the days of his life.
  10. Lord strengthen my husband’s hands for war, help him to stand and win in the challenges of life.
  11. I speak victory in every prolonged battle in my husband’s life. I speak an end to every delay in Jesus name.
  12. Lord, expose and disgrace every wrong person, every hidden enemy, and every unfriendly friend out to destroy the peace in our family and cause problems for my husband in Jesus name.
  13. I decree a release of divine provision- ideas, helpers, finance, open doors, – for whatever my husband may need today.
  14. Lord fill my husband’s life with your peace, let him experience your overflowing joy today.
  15. Lord anoint my husband with fresh oil, let him walk in his divine destiny.
  16. Lord, release fresh grace and wisdom on my husband today.