Everyone in life has an Isaac, someone or something we are hoping, praying, fighting and waiting for. It is a dream, a desire, a promise with your name on it; something you know in your gut belongs to you and ought to have come but constantly eludes you.

An Isaac is not just some item on your Christmas list, it is something that is extremely important to you and you need God’s help to bring it pass. Among many things, it could be the healing of a loved one, a long-deserved promotion, a breakthrough, restoration of family member, peace and unity in your marriage or in your family and of course, a physical baby.

I can never claim to know a fraction of the pain, disappointment and frustration of waiting and trusting God for a child in marriage, but we all have an ‘Isaac’ we are waiting for, a desire we strive to attain but cannot seem to achieve. It is that possible ‘impossibility’ that we know will be ours someday, if our doubts, anxiety and uncertainty do not get the better of us.

Sometimes, the distance between us and our dream is hope, faith that Isaac will come, that he will not be ‘aborted’, and we will surely hold him in our arms. It is the kind of faith that must have kept Abraham going year after year, promise after promise and prayer after prayer.

It is hard to keep faith as more time passes, but it is not impossible. Everyone has an ‘Abraham’ on the inside and if we nurture that part of us, it is only a matter of time before we hold our dreams in our arms.

Here are tips to build your faith:

  1. Look up what God’s word says about your Isaac and pray concerning it. God says we are to remind him of his word, of what he has promised. There is a scripture that speaks about every situation we are going through and seeing what God has said about it gives us hope in difficult times.
  2. Stir up faith by keeping your confession, keep calling those things you want to see, and refuse to be moved by the negative things around you. Keep a picture of your Isaac in your mind, see the future that you want and remember that what you are going through is not the end, but there is something better and greater in store for you.  

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, a man will eat good things by the ‘fruit’ of his lips. What you say is what you see. “You will DECREE a thing and it will be established unto you.”

Amid chaos and darkness, God spoke light into existence. Call your Isaac into existence. Use your tongue to speak life!

  1. Guard your heart and refuse to give up:  Refuse to listen to negative stories and ungodly opinions. Remember that all things will work for your good, and you are going to victorious in the end. Keep praying, keep waiting, keep fasting, keep pushing, keep calling those things that be not as though they were, no matter how long it takes.
  2. Be thankful in all situations: Remember that in all things we make our requests known by prayer and supplication WITH thanksgiving. Even when you do not see it, or feel like it, dance and thank God in advance because your Isaac is on the way!