In a world full of filters and social media upstaging, people often feel a constant need or pressure to live up to a certain standard, to put up a certain perception and do things a certain way.

Our looks, our achievements, even how we see ourselves can be reduced to how many likes, followers, or how many people we can make jealous.

This is the sad state of the world we live in, where a pretty picture can get more traction than a “how to” post. We are so busy being connected that we forget to actually connect with those we claim to love.

We are so busy chasing and hustling that we often forget to notice the skies, the trees and the people that matter most to us, ourselves included.

When you have a crisis, likes and half-hearted prayers on social media will not be enough to get us out of a tough time, people that we have built solid relationships with offer the years will. Above all, there is one person we often tend to Neglect the most who we need to build a relationship with, that will be the foundation for all other successful relationships; ourselves.

When last did you take yourself on a date? Not for Instagram, or for your “besties” to see you and know how you spoil yourself, just you, no interruptions?

When last did you tune into yourself to know how you are feeling, how you are really feeling, what your genuine state of mind is, beneath the noise, the pump and the veneer of arrogance you project to the world.

When last did you process and review your relationships? Not for anyone, but for you. Not from a selfish point of view, but from a self love point of view.

If you learn to shower yourself with love, you will learn that there is enough love left to give to those around you who need it and when you spend time getting to know you, tuning in and checking in with you, you will stop forcing yourself or your precious time and resources on people who are genuinely not worth it.

So how do you love yourself? How do you learn to tune in to yourself and really listen?

I’ll be sharing on this in a very in-depth way soon.

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